4 декабря 2022



In accordance with the obligations accepted, AVTOVAZ keeps on providing service support to Russian owners of Renault brand cars and launches a number of seasonal and permanent after-sales service programs.

From December 31 till January 31, 2023, a new seasonal service program Renault, which includes three special offers, is available:

Free comprehensive diagnosis on 30 point: check of engine and engine compartment, as well as check of technical fluids’ level, chassis, brake system, electrical wiring and equipment. In case of malfunction repair and spare parts’ purchasing, this diagnosis is free of charge for a client, but if service works were not provided after it and spare parts were not purchased, then the diagnosis will cost 799 rubles.

Renault Assistance road assist card as a gift: Renault car owners, who passed maintenance in the period when this special offer was carried out, will get Renault Assistance road assist card as a gift:

when passing maintenance-1, maintenance-2 – Renault Assistance Plus card;

when passing maintenance-3, maintenance-4 – Renault Assistance Drive card;

when passing maintenance-5, etc. – Renault Assistance Optimal card;

Under the Renault Assistance Plus card, one service will be available, under the Renault Assistance Drive – 3 services, for the Renault Assistance Optimal, validity period of the card is equal to service interval of 15,000 km or 1 year, without limitation on the number of services.

Original accessories with up to 20% discount:

There are more than 1 250 positions available to a client including door sills, mats in the cabin and pallets in the trunk, fenders, deflectors, mudguards, wheels (cast and stamped), etc.

In addition, commencing December 1, two service products, which will be available on a constant basis, are launched.

Renault Assistance road assist is a full-fledged mobility service covering wide range of motorists’ needs.

The service includes evacuation of a car in case of an accident or malfunction, engine start, wheel replacement, fuel delivery, information and legal support 24/7. The service`s customer card has four options with a different package of necessary services: Renault Assistance Plus, Renault Assistance Drive, Renault Assistance Optimal and Renault Assistance Premium. Each of these cards can be purchased at official Renault dealerships.

The installment program for services is a special offer for Renault car owners for maintenance services and spare parts: installments from 3 to 4 months are provided, 0% overpayment without down payment.

Recall that these comprehensive offers are the next stage of after-sales service organization of Renault cars in the territory of the Russian Federation by AVTOVAZ JSC.

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