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11 января 2023



  • In 2022 official LADA dealers sold 188 645 cars.
  • According to the Company’s estimate, at the end of the year, LADA’s market share in Russia amounted to 27,9%, while in the autumn months brand’s market share reached 40%.
  • LADA dealership network has added 5 showrooms and has 308 dealerships in Russia.
  • 17 246 LADA vehicles were delivered to export markets in 17 countries.
  • AVTOVAZ JSC plans to launch production of the new generation LADA Vesta, Largus and e-Largus, as well as to set up car production at the site in St.Petersburg.

AVTOVAZ summed up the 2022 year and presented plans for 2023 at the press-conference held on January 10 in Moscow with participation of Company’s President Maksim Sokolov.

In the conditions of logistics chains’ break, AVTOVAZ together with Russian suppliers has replaced more than 200 components and materials blocked for delivery. Car production was suspended in the spring of 2022. But already on June 8 the assembly has started again. From August 29, 2022, car assembly plant AVTOVAZ in Togliatti switched to a 6-day working week, therefore the plant recruited over 1000 new employees. By the end of 2022, the production rate on two production lines was 24 thousand cars per month. This allowed to satisfy demand on the Russian car market: 188 645 LADA cars sold in 2022. At the same time, in the autumn months, brand’s market share reached 40%.

“I thank the many thousands of AVTOVAZ team for a real labor feat performed in 2022. Together we were able to quickly overcome the most difficult crisis phenomena and resume car production”, said AVTOVAZ President Maksim Sokolov

At the end of the year, the LADA Granta with 95 879 cars sold has become the bestseller, the model’s market share grew more than twofold and reached 14.2% (in 2021 the Granta’s market share was 6.7%). Sales of the LADA NIVA amounted to 18 097 units, the share of legendary SUVs on the Russian market reached 2.7% (in 2021 the share was 1.5%). The LADA NIVA Travel with 20 683 cars sold has kept its market share at 3.1%. LADA Vesta family cars were sold in the amount of 29 206 units and the market share reached 4.3%. The LADA Largus has still been the most popular station wagon on the Russian market: car family sales amounted to 17 711 units.

At the end of the year, LADA has almost fully occupied the LCV niche (94%) with 6770 special vehicles sold. 76 483 LADA cars of all models were sold to corporate clients.

(According to estimates of AVTOVAZ JSC Resumption of production and car sales allowed not only to preserve the LADA dealership network but to increase the number of showrooms: 5 new showrooms were opened in 2022 and the number of LADA dealerships reached 308. AVTOVAZ not only develops its LADA dealership network but also provides after-sales service for Renault cars in Russia on a centralized basis. The dealership of Renault now includes 151 showrooms)

AVTOVAZ also carries out preparatory work for establishing centralized after-sales service for Nissan cars.

Moreover, in 2022 LADA has kept the number of export countries – the markets of 17 countries were replenished with 17 246 cars.

«In 2023 we have to work in the conditions of the most difficult external challenges associated with sanctions pressure. We set global tasks to continue localizing key parts and components to achieve technological sovereignty of LADA, as well as to carefully work with suppliers and build logistics chains. Tasks for 2023 are to produce the LADA Vesta NG in Togliatti, to launch production site in St. Petersburg, resume production of the Largus family and produce a pilot batch of e-Largus cars in Izhevsk. AVTOVAZ will make every effort to provide country with affordable cars and will keep on developing new mid-term projects, including B segment car family and crossover on the LADA Vesta platform, which are planned to be put in production in late 2024 and late 2025, respectively”, Mr. Sokolov said

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