200 000 cars by AVTOVAZ

7 декабря 2022

200 000 cars by AVTOVAZ


The 200-thousandth car produced in 2022 rolled off AVTOVAZ production line. It has become the LADA Granta in the top version with air conditioner, two airbags, audio system, etc. Recall that this model is the absolute leader of the Russian car market. Granta sales in November 2022 exceeded 13 thousand cars, that is 80% more than the results of November a year ago.

President of AVTOVAZ JSC Maksim Sokolov: “Production plan is fulfilled in accordance with the schedule. And we confirm intentions to produce 220 thousand new cars at the end of 2022. In the current conditions of sanctions pressure and logistics chain breaks, AVTOVAZ team makes real labor feat. We feel effective support of our shareholders and relevant Ministry. AVTOVAZ keeps on actively working on production resumption of Vesta and Largus cars, as well as developing a number of new projects”

The number of 200 000 cars assembled at AVTOVAZ within 11 months of 2022 includes LADA models and cars made under the contract with Renault, as well as SKD kits.

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